• i really, truly want a bachelor’s degree but i am so awful at actually attending & succeeding in school despite my talents in my field that i am now looking for jobs to support myself in order to take a hiatus from school (again) & just build a life. as much as i would pride myself in having finished college, i know that i would be ultimately happy with a decent job, my own funds, & my own place. being a homemaker, hosting get togethers, cooking, cleaning, caring for people/animals — all these things please me more than going to class ever has. i know i have great talent & that i can use it somehow in my life but after failing at college so many times (this is my sixth year) i feel like i should just learn from this experience & move on to something that will make me happier. seems simple enough, right? wrong, because my family will disown me if i quit school. everything about my life & my future has been weighing me down but i’m afraid to make a step forward because i know that family-wise it will be a step back. what do i do?

    1. littlewillownymph answered: You’re really close to the finish, but that’s just my take! It’s a backup plan. Don’t let anyone (including your family) pressure you though.
    2. twofish answered: Fuck your family. They’re approval isn’t going to make you happy, and when they see how successful and happy you are in the end it will b ok.
    3. amcz answered: You have the time and funds right now to attend, you are lucky enough to be able to so do it.I would kill for the chance to go back and do it
    4. amadjames answered: +
    5. halfinspace answered: just suck it up, go to class, graduate and you won’t have this existential crisis every year, you can go do whatever you want after.
    6. lrnelzbth answered: SAME boat. trying to get an art degree is so discouraging. i hope someone has some good advice! i’d be just fine housewifing it instead…
    7. nicolemalena answered: Just finish. Things that are worth it take time. It’s a pain but it feels good when you’re done. Feels great to have a degree on your resume.
    8. actoremergency answered: I don’t have any good advice, but you know I’ll love you and support you no matter what you choose to do with your life!
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