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currently enjoying. · #movie #take this waltz
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    currently enjoying.
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    I really adored this movie. Maybe it’s just my absolute devotion to Michelle Williams and everything she breathes on,...
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    What is this? Where can I get it? I thought I was on top of the Rogen train.
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    This movie pissed me off. SUCKS! So disappointed. BOOOOOOOO!
  7. ethylmylove said: i was really excited about this movie but ended up hating Michelle Williams character so much that i couldn’t get over it. it was beautifully directed though.
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    seriously. someone watch this. its so gooooddd
  10. minimalistboyfriend said: i was so excited for it. it looked promising and then i ended up hating it =.=
  11. idiophonebox said: Saw it this weekend and decided to stick with my plan of only watching movies with Michelle Williams if I want to be totally bummed out.
  12. variationsonfox said: Lemme know if this is any good
  13. michellewilliamss said: hope you like it! =)
  14. larsvontrilli0nare said: Let me know how it is
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