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dear kraft,
thank you for making a product that is not only delicious & nostalgic, but also incredibly apt at preventing otherwise inescapable hangovers. your macaroni & cheese has saved me not one but probably two (we’ll find out in a few hours) mornings lost to the ridiculous after effects that alcohol has on my body in the past week. this is especially helpful as it is the holidays & i would also have to deal with the wrath of my parents upon realizing my hangover so TL;DR, kraft, you da bomb.
forever thankful,

PS though: we all know the serving size is a full box; nobody eats just a quarter of that shit.

· #a letter to kraft #the blue box blues #mac and cheese
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  1. nicolemalena said: I always get the Spongebob version and eat the entire thing in one sitting.
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